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Here are some client reviews for Mobile Spa Services.

Clients that utilize our services vary greatly. We have clients who are yoga instructors, business professionals, accountants, dancers, waitresses, stay at home moms, models, and doctors!  We even have a few former Vikings cheerleaders as clients, and some high powered VP's from fortune 500 companies who visit Minneapolis on business on a regular basis!  But no matter what you do ladies, we are always here for you at Mobile Spa Services.

Join these happy satisfied clients and setup your mobile massage experience today!

Mobile Spa Services is amazing.  I reached out last month to setup a session at my home, and it was an amazing experience all around.  Tricia the owner actually assisted me in setting up my appointment and I was highly impression that the owner would be very hands on in helping.  So right from the start I knew everything was going to be just wonderful.  The therapist was very talented and my scrub and LomiLomi massage were amazing.  I was very pleased with Tricia, as well as the therapist and his willingness to go above and beyond for me.  I wanted to have my scrub and massage outdoors on my private patio, and even though it was a little warm out the therapist obliged and I loved having my treatments outdoors.   I am a huge fan of Mobile Spa Services and loved everything. Lisa: Age 37

My job right now is very stressful and I had all kinds of tension in my upper and lower back.  I am a travel nurse from California visiting Minneapolis because of the nursing strike, and I am so glad that I found Mobile Spa Services.  I read all of the wonderful reviews and I knew this was just what I needed.  I filled out the online form and heard back from Eliana shortly thereafter.  I almost missed the reply because for some reason her reply went right to my junk folder. So if you are filling out the web form you may want to keep checking that folder for a response if you don't see one in your normal inbox.  Anyway, back to ME! :-)  I had several emails with Eliana as I was curious about doing a package versus just a massage.  In no time I had narrowed it down to getting the Ultimate Package.  My skin could use the attention and a 2hr massage on top of that would just be heaven I tell you after the work week I just had in the ER.  

The therapist arrived just as promised to my hotel room and he immediately began to setup everything for my session.  He was very pleasant and had a great sense of humor as well.  I was running behind just a bit, so while he began to setup everything for the hours of bliss I was so needing, I enjoyed about a twenty minute shower as it was a very long day at work.  I finished my shower and headed back to the treatment table drying off just slightly as instructed. I jumped up on the table face down and then the wonderful smelling scrub went on my body.  It really had a wonderful lemon smell to it!  It didn't take too long, and both sides front and back were well coated with the scrub, and then I went back into the shower to rinse off.  WOW!  My skin felt so amazing!! It was so soft and smooth, and I was very pleased with the results.  

I came back once again to the treatment table after rinsing off, and I was still on the fence as to which massage (Lomi or Tantric) as the reviews were overwhelmingly in favor of either of those.  I asked if I could do the Lomi but to also have some of the Tantric massage at the end.  That seem to be no problem at all, and so I was very pleased to hear that.  The LomiLomi massage portion was very unique and unlike no other massage I had ever had.  The warm oil on your smooth body just makes you want to melt right into the warm heated table.  It was splendid!!  The session ended with a little bit of Tantric massage, and that was just the icing on the cake.  I was so relaxed at the end I didn't even want to get up from the table and so I just laid there for awhile and enjoy the warm table and oil on my smooth skin.

I would highly recommend Mobile Spa Services. They are just great and really treat you like royalty I must say.  I loved my session and enjoyed being pampered and spoiled.  I setup another session with the therapist before he departed. I can't wait for another scrub and a wonderful satisfying massage.  Thank you Mobile Spa Services!  I want to move here!!!  Jess: Age 32

My schedule is really busy. I have 3 children and there just doesn't seem to be enough time for me.  I have been having some neck and back issues for the past year, and so a close friend of mine told me about Mobile Spa Services and how they come to you!  That sounded wonderful and so I decided to contact them to setup a massage for myself.  Melissa was able to set everything up for me to get a 2 hour Therapeutic massage to focus on my neck and back.  The day came and I was so excited to be getting a massage.  I wish I could do it MORE!  The masseur arrived and setup everything for my massage as promised.  The music was perfect, the table was extremely comfortable, and the oil was nice and warm (not cold).  The attention to detail by Mobile Spa Services is just tremendous.  The pressure was perfect for me and his massage was awesome.  After the session, I realized that I need to do this more often and I plan on doing just that!  The relief that I felt afterwards from the tight neck and back was amazing.  I could move and I felt so much better.  Thank you Mobile Spa Services and to my dear friend Leslie.  I will be in touch next week to setup my next massage.  Patricia: Age 44

Thank you Melissa for setting up my wonderful Girl's Day package.  My girlfriends and I had a wonderful afternoon and evening of having great professional massages.  The therapist arrived right on time and had everything setup and ready for us to go. I will be planning another Girl's Day pacakge in a few months with a few co-workers. We had an amazing time!  Melinda: Age 35

I booked a Therapeutic massage a few weeks ago and I must say, the reviews here do not do justice to the service that you get from Tricia and her staff.  They are all rock stars!!  Setting up my first appointment was such a breeze, and the masseur I had for my massage gave me the best massage ever.  My neck is always tight and I was able to fully turn my head after my massage. I felt 110% better!  I would highly recommend Mobile Spa Services and I have already contacted Eliana to setup my next massage which I think will be the Lomilomi massage. I can't wait! I may even add a body scrub, sounds like that goes well with that massage.  Davion: Age 24

Mobile Spa Services is top notch!  Very professional, great staff and excellent service all the way around.  I loved my body scrub and Relaxation massage.  Work is always stressful, and I felt so amazing after a few hours of treatments. No wonder why they come highly recommended.  I give them a perfect 5 stars!  Thank you Mobile Spa Services for providing such quality treatment at an affordable price.  I will be booking another treatment next month and will be sending a few girlfriends your way as well.  Tracy: Age 31

"I needed a getaway from my daily concerns and responsibilities and when I found Mobile Spa Services through an internet search I was curious about the Lomilomi massage. I didn't know what to expect, but hands down I had the absolute best massage I've ever had. I especially loved the fact that the entire session was all about me and I definitely plan on getting massages monthly."  Mariah: Age 29

I would love to share my wonderful Mobile Spa Services experience. Business brings me here to Minneapolis for about two weeks every other month.  Work is great, but I love treating myself to something exotic every once in awhile.  I found Mobile Spa Services on Facebook and quickly went to the website to check it out.  The website was well done, and the services that are offered were just what I was seeking.  I filled out the online webform and heard back from Melissa one of the booking agents a few hours later.  I was due to visit Minneapolis in a few weeks, and I wanted to setup two sessions while I was there.  Melissa helped me setup everything and she was amazing to work with as well.  I booked the Spa Day For One Package for my first session and then the Ulitmate Package for my second session the following week.  

I was staying at the DoubleTree in Bloomington and my therapist arrived just as promised.  I had a lovely suite with plenty of room fortunately! (A regular hotel room is not big enough for those of you who may visit and want to book, be sure you get a very large room with plenty of space). I met the therapist in the lobby and helped him bring everything up to the room for my treatments.  He was nicely dressed and very professional. We chatted while he began setting everything up and he answered a few questions that I had as well.  He was nearly done setting up and then he said it would be a good idea to take a quick shower before doing my steam treatment.  So I excused myself to the shower got cleaned up and returned for my steam treatment. I got out of my robe and onto the table and within a few minutes the steam was warming my body up.  My therapist even had a nice cool towel for my neck, he was so thoughtful throughout the entire session.  I enjoyed about 20 minutes of steam and I said that was enough.  Within a few minutes he was ready to do my body scrub.  I was so excited, as I had never had one before!  I climbed back onto the table and he started the scrub on my back and then the front. After that was done, he had me jump back in the shower and told me to rinse off really good.  While I was doing that, he was setting up for my massage now.  I finished showering and headed back to the table once more.  I went with Lomilomi massage and it was the best and most amazing massage I have every had anywhere! The oil was nice and warm and it felt wonderful on my smooth body.  Now I know why the scrub is done first, because your skin is super smooth after that.  I loved my experience and was looking forward to my second one the following week.  

My work week went well, and I was looking forward to my second session so much on Friday evening.  Everything was great for my second treatment as well.  I received another wonderful body scrub and a massage.  I loved the Lomilomi massage so much it was hard to not get that one again, but I wanted to experience the Tantric massage as well.  It was also amazing and a freeing experience.  Everything was just as amazing and I was left breathless after this one.  So glad I found Mobile Spa Services, they really are amazing!  I would recommend the Lomilomi massage as it was very relaxing and a really tropical treat.  I would also recommend the Tantric massage for those who want a tantalizing escape.  Great quality, great staff, and I can't wait for my next visit!  Natasha: Age 32

My dear friend Cheryl recommended Mobile Spa Services to me last month.  She said they are really great and a perfect way to spend some time on yourself.  I got online and filled out the webform, and I received a reply from Melissa shortly thereafter.  She was great in helping me set up everything and I was booked for my Ultimate Package.  Everything went great, my body scrub was wonderful and relaxing, and my massage was just what I needed.  I had no tension left in my body after the massage, amazing!  Thank you Melissa for setting everything up, everything was perfect!  Dorina: Age 38

I over heard a lady in a restaurant last month talking about Mobile Spa Services.  A few days later I had some time to check out the web and I found such great reviews.  I filled out the form online and heard back from Tricia almost instantly.  I saw the special for the Chocolate Massage and Chocolate Body Scrub and that sounded wonderful.  I decided to get both services and it was amazing.  Tricia setup everything for me and my therapist arrived right on time at my home as promised.  The therapist was very professional and easy to talk with as well.  We started with the chocolate scrub.  I had never had a scrub before, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  My skin was so soft after I rinsed off in the shower.  Next I enjoyed my Therapeutic massage.  My neck and upper back are always tense and the therapist did a superb job at getting out all the knots in those areas.  I am so glad that I overheard that lady talking about this place.  Super easy to setup an appointment and great professional treatment.  I will book again for sure SOON!  Thank you Tricia for helping me setup my wonderful massage.  Kelsie: Age 33

Loved my Lomilomi massage!  I recently moved here to Minneapolis from Texas and so I have been super busy moving and getting settled.  I found Mobile Spa Services online and thought that would be a great treat once I got my house unpacked and settled.  I was totally right!  I booked the Ultimate package and it was amazing.  The scrub was really exfoliating and my skin looked and felt so amazing afterwards and the Lomilomi massage that I saw mentioned so many times in reviews here was just like I imagined. I am so glad that I contacted Mobile Spa Services.  Tricia took care of me and got me all setup and my masseur did an excellent job with the massage and was nothing but professional.  I am planning a Girl's Day with a couple of friends from my yoga class, and it is going to be super fun enjoying the day with them and getting massages.  Maria: Age 37

A dear friend of mine from work, mentioned that she gets massages each month and that it helps with her tension.  One day while we were talking at her cube in the office, we got on the subject once more as my lower back has been bothering me for some time.  She gave me the website information and told me to go online and book an appointment.  I visited the website that evening at home and I was able to setup an in home massage in a few weeks.  They were quite busy it seems.  Tricia was so helpful in getting me all setup and she is so sweet and informative about the services.  She told me that she has had every service multiple times and that she personally gets a massage from each therapist before she hires them.  WOW isn't she lucky!  It makes sense, and she said that she wants the best for clients and I found that refreshing.  A few weeks rolled by and it was massage day finally.  The therapist showed up, got the table setup and I was ready for my massage. I received the therapeutic massage to work out all those knots in my lower back.  The pressure and attention to detail were excellent and I was highly satisfied with the massage.  It was the best massage I have ever had actually.  Now that I feel so much better, I think I will try out the Lomilomi massage next time, YES next time!  I was so impressed with everything I booked another session for the following month the day after my service.  I woke up and felt so wonderful, I knew I had to continue this much need treatment for myself. Haley: Age 27

Found an ad online via Backpage and thougth I would try out this place for a massage.  The reviews seemed really good, so I thought why not.  It was quite easy to setup a session online using the webform.  The woman who helped me setup my appointment was very responsive and got back to my email in a timely matter.  I get massages often when needed, but never really go to the same place each time.  I seem to bounce around. I never had a massage at home before, and I thought that sounded great, especially with how cold it has been here this winter.  Tricia the owner helped me setup my massage and I decided to go with the Tantric massage and I also added the steam treatment.  The masseur showed up at my door with table and bags in hand and I showed him to the area I was hoping we could setup (in front of the fireplace).  It was no problem he said and so after asking if he needed anything from me, I quickly ran and jumped into the shower as I had just got home from working out at the gym.  After my shower I came back to the setup area in my robe and the steam treatment was ready to go.  It was nice and warm and just what I needed on such a cold day of (-6) here in the Twin Cities.  I steamed for about 30 minutes or so and then it was time for my massage.  The massage was extremely relaxing and just what I needed as well.  I am already looking forward to doing this again soon!  Thank you Tricia for providing such a great service here in the city. Svetlana: Age 44

I don't usually do reviews or comment cards for places, but I did want to share that my experience with Mobile Spa Services was exceptional.  The therapist was very pleasant, and Tricia was super in helping me get my massage setup.  I would and will recommend their services to my girlfriends, plus I will be booking again next month!   Julie: Age 32

I love Mobile Spa Services! Great service all around. Tricia was amazing and walked me through setting everything up with ease.  I was a little nervous, but dealing with Tricia my nervousness quickly went away as she answered all of my questions.  I told Tricia what I was looking for with my massage and how my upper back was bothering me.  She recommended the Therapeutic massage, and I decided to get the 120 minute one.  My day came and the therapist came directly to my home.  He was prompt and very professional.  I am not sure why I was so nervous now looking back.  I felt at ease with him the moment he walked in and began setting up for my massage.  The massage was amazing and it was also my first massage from a male other than my husband, but this one was way better.  I just booked a Spa Day For One package for next month.  I can't wait, I think I am going to try the Lomilomi massage as it sounds so wonderful and relaxing.  Thank you so much Tricia for helping me overcome my nervousness.  Nelle: Age 43

My friend Stacey surprised me last Saturday with a wonderful evening of massage and a body scrub.  We met early in the morning for some shopping and a late lunch, and then we went back to Stacey's house to relax.  Little did I know that she had planned for us to have this wonderful treat.  Our therapist arrived right around the time we arrived at Stacey's.   He brought everything in, and he even helped us carry in our shopping bags.  Stacey then let me in on the plan and it was for us both to get massages and scrubs for the remaining part of the day.  Stacey shared with me that she has been using Mobile Spa Services for about 6 months and that she gets this treat at least once a month and sometimes twice!  Well, Stacey quickly jumped into the shower while I talked with the therapist.  He was very nice and had a great sense of humor too.  I pulled up the website on my iPhone and looked at the services and the different massages.   I wasn't sure which one to get, but since Stacey was going first I still had some time to decide.  Everything was finally ready to go and Stacey came back dressed in her robe.  I asked Stacey, "Which massage are you getting?"  Stacey replied, "I'll never tell, hahaha!"  We had a good laugh, but really she didn't tell me and I was looking for some help.  Well she was ready for her massage so I went upstairs and got on her laptop to check out the site while she got her massage and scrub.  The scrub sounded amazing and I am all about having soft skin for sure.  I came back to the massages and the Lomilomi and Tantric ones were the ones that peaked my interest.  From  the reviews and what I could tell the Lomilomi is quite popular, but the Tantric I must say (with some embarrassment) did really interest me.  I continued to browse on the site and I read every review there as well.  It was a toss up really.  I jumped into the shower after Stacey had her body scrub so that I could shave my legs. I grabbed the spare silk robe Stacey had for me and I layed down on the couch thinking what those massages would be like from the descriptions.  My mind was all over the place I tell.  LOL  I was so relaxed laying there on the couch just picturing my massage.  Shortly thereafter, Stacey came upstairs to the couch and lifted up my legs and sat down and let out a huge sigh. "Wow! My massage was amazing", she said.  I asked her again which massage she got and again she was very sly in avoiding an answer. She did say that she tried a different one this time, and that her next one will most definately be the same as the one she just got.  We chatted a little more and she said that he should be ready for me in about 5 minutes and to head on downstairs.  The five minutes went quickly and so I headed downstairs, still not knowing which massage to get.  I asked him to tell me which massage Stacey got and he just smiled and laughed and said, "She said you would ask, and she also told me to NOT tell you."  Uugh!!!  So I was left to decide on my own I guess.  We started with a wonderful body scrub and my skin felt so Ah-mazing after taking a quick shower.  I couldn't believe how soft my entire body felt.  I got back into my robe and went back to the massage table and now it was decision time.  Lomilomi or Tantric.  I decided to go with the Lomilomi massage but also told the therapist to NOT tell Stacey which one I got.  Two can play that game right?  My massage was amazing and I loved it needless to say.   I was very comfortable and the therapist was very professional.  I melted away during the massage and I really didn't want it to end!  At the end of it all I was completely exhausted and just ready to go to bed as I was that relaxed.  Thank you Stacey for the surprise treat.  I have already contacted Tricia to setup a massage for myself next month.  Can't wait!! Faith: Age 39

I was home visiting my family this Christmas from college.  My girlfriend Celeste and I were talking about doing something great for the both of us as a treat.  We found Mobile Spa Services online and we both thought it would be a great idea to experience something unique.  Tricia was very helpful in getting us squared away and our wonderful afternoon and evening of being totally pampered from head to toe with massages and scrubs was just awesome. We had a large suite with a hot tub and it was everything we could have hoped for and more.  Our scrubs were relaxing and our skin felt amazing afterwards.  We both decided to go with the Lomilomi massage.  I wish I didn't have to go back to college next week, but now I so look forward to coming home again!  Thank you Mobile Spa Services.  We both had a wonderful experience!  Heather & Celeste: Age 23 & 28

Tricia, thank you so much for setting up my Spa Day For One package.  You were right on all accounts.  The steam treatment was just what I needed, and that fact that the temps were really cold that day made it feel even better I must say.  The masseur was wonderful and charming.  I enjoyed talking with him during my steam and scrub.  We didn't talk as much during the massage because I was enjoying it way to much to talk. :-)  I loved the Lomilomi massage and how authentic it was as well.  I have had several Lomilomi massages, but the one I had was just the way I wanted it!  I felt so free and so relaxed.  I really enjoy the gliding feeling of the hands over and under the body.  Awesome work!  I look forward to visiting the Minneapolis area again in January and I want to go ahead and get my session scheduled with you now.  Great professional service, I am so glad you came up with this wonderful idea and business. Josephine: Age 35

Mobile Spa Services was a wonderful treat to myself this holiday season.  I was so pleased with my treatment from my therapist.   Tricia helped me setup my massage, and the only regret I have is that I didn't do a package.  Next time I will be sure and do that and a longer massage as well.  I was able to get all the tension out of my neck and shoulders.  My therapeutic massage was the best I had ever had by far.  I look forward to my next session.  Thank you Mobile Spa Services for the quality and professional treatment. Ashlee: Age 42

Wow! Mobile Spa Services is just what I needed.  I had a super long work week and needed a special treat.  I found the website and booked myself the Spa Day For One package.  My therapist showed up early to set everything up for my spa day.  I read some reviews online and decided I wanted to enjoy a nice long treatment and pampering.  The steam treatment was just amazing, followed by a great full body scrub.  My skin felt amazing smooth afterwards!  I decided to go with the Tantric massage and it was very soothing and sensual which was perfect for me.  I had a splendid time being treated like a queen, and my masseur was just awesome.  I enjoyed my treatment so much that I booked another treatment just before the holidays!  Laura: Age 37

I contacted Mobile Spa services about 3 weeks in advance.  My family was going to be out of town and I wanted to do something special for myself.  I was looking for a complete package type deal and I am so glad that I found Mobile Spa services.  I booked the Spa Day For One package and had a wonderful experience.  I live in the outer suburbs and so the masseur got a little turn around, but he did finally make it here.  I was pleasantly surprised!! Upon arrival, he brought everything in to the living room area where I enjoyed my "Spa Day" right in front of my fireplace.  It was a wonderful experience.  We started with the steam treatment which was pretty good.  The steam felt amazing on my body.  Next I had the full body scrub and my skin was so soft after I rinsed off I could not believe it.  I was feeling wonderful by this time and I asked if I could change my massage from the Therapeutic to the Lomilomi as I was asking questions about the Lomilomi massage during my body scrub.  It sounded amazing and I wanted to try it out and let me tell you, "WOW!"  That was some massage.  He was going from head to toe and back, under my body and over it at the same time, it felt so wonderful.  I was so relaxed and the stretches that he did were great as well.  I can't wait to book this once again.  I think I will maybe invite a couple of girlfriends over for a Girl's Day, I think that would be really awesome.  Mobile Spa services, you rock!  Thanks Tricia for your help in setting this up, your staff was pleasant to work with and I enjoyed everything.  Lori: Age 32

Tricia you are the best!  I just want to thank you so much for all your help.  You are amazing!!   Tricia helped me setup a wonderful sensual evening with a massage and body scrub.  I was able to book just a few days in advance so I got lucky.   The service was just amazing and it was just what I needed.  I am a divorced mother with 2 kids and the kids were spending the entire week with their father in Iowa.  I decided to do the Ultimate package with a 2hr massage and full body scrub.  The therapist showed up on time, and I gave him a couple of options of where we could setup.  He decided the living room area was fine and so he began setting everything up for my treatments.  I took a real quick hot shower as he suggested and came back to the living room ready for my body scrub.  I had never had a body scrub before, really never saw the point, but the results were amazing and I am a huge fan now!  He started from the feet and worked his way up to my neck and shoulders, and then he had these special gloves to brush off the scrub.  After he did both sides of my body (back and front), he told me to jump back into the shower and rinse off really good to make sure all of the scrub was off of me.  This is when I noticed just how soft my skin was after the scrub.  I felt amazing!  My skin hasn't felt that soft in years.  I spent a long time in the shower just touching myself.... my skin that is, as it felt so soft.  I lost track of the time and quickly jumped out of the shower and back to the living room for my Lomilomi massage.  We talked briefly about the massage and then I dropped my robe and layed face down on the massage table.  My skin was tingling from the scrub, and also from the anticipation of the massage.  Warm oil was applied to my body, and that instantly sent shockwaves up and down my spine.  The oil was worked into my skin and the gliding strokes on the back of my body felt wonderful.   I didn't feel like moving I tell you, and when it was time to flip he said, "don't worry if you are too relaxed to flip, I'll flip you!"  He was not kidding!  He literally slid me all around the table and he was able to lift my side up and roll me over with ease.  He then began to massage the front of my body and I could feel myself slipping back into a deep deep sleep.  I didn't want this experience to end, but sadly enough all good things do have to come to an end.  Ladies this is the best thing you can do for yourself.  Book one of these amazing packages and enjoy your little exotic and sensual escape.  It is heavenly!  I emailed Tricia the next day and I am already scheduled for next month.  Thank you Tricia for providing a great service.  Kaylee: Age 37

"I loved my therapeutic massage last week.  My massage therapist was very good at working out my tight shoulders and lower back.   I setup this mobile massage at home on a Saturday evening and I must say not having to drive after that massage was just great!  The therapist showed up a little early to setup everything and the living room had a perfect glowing ambiance.  I wish I had booked a package, so that I could have tried the body scrub. Next time I will for sure. I look forward to my next massage."  Lisa: Age 37

"I recently booked and the service I received was wonderful.  I really loved the Lomilomi massage that I received.
It was like no other massage!  It was very relaxing and done with warm coconut oil.  I am so glad that I booked.  It was so great that I already booked another appointment for the VIP package next month!  Thanks Tricia for the recommendation!" Andrea: Age 40

"I was going to be in Minneapolis for a few days for business. I looked online for a mobile provider that would come to my hotel suite while I was there.  Tricia responded to my email inquiry in a timely manner and she was very helpful.  I decided to go with the Spa Day For One package
on Friday afternoon.  The therapist arrived right on time and after he introduced himself, he began to set up for my treatments.  I ran to the bathroom and slipped into my robe and within 10-15 minutes my steam treatment was ready to go.  I normally go nude when I steam at the spa, and I was able to do so here as well with the steam canopy.  I enjoyed about 30 minutes of the steam, and then it was time for the next part of my Spa Day, the body scrub!  The full body scrub was just perfect.  My entire body felt amazingly soft and smooth after I got out of the shower.  After that, I was ready for my Lomilomi massage.  Tricia said it was amazing and recommended that one to me, plus from the reviews I read I was already going to request that one anyway.  The Lomilomi massage was awesome as promised.  I was so relaxed and relieved, all my stress had melted away by the end of my treatments.  I would highly recommend using Mobile Spa Services. Great staff and professional treatment all the way around! Thank you Tricia for setting this up for me.  I hope business brings me back in a few months."  Erin: Age 41

"The best experience ever!
I went with the Tantric massage and it was very nice. A beautiful gift from a friend which helped me overcome recent changes in my life and my body image. It was treat and my therapist was just outstanding.  He setup everything as promised and the booking online through the website was simple.  I am a huge fan now and will be booking another Tantric massage soon! Kelly: Age 45

My therapist did a wonderful job.  I was having back pain from stress and his body work gave me some much needed relief.  I am grateful, thank you so much for getting me in today. When I am back in Minneapolis again I will definately use Mobile Spa Services again.  Elizabeth

"I was visting Minneapolis on a business trip and felt I needed a bit of personal pampering.  I found Mobile Spa services through some online searching and the reviews I read about others experience and that was exactly what I wanted.   I went with the Ultimate package and it was exactly what I needed after a long trip here.  My masseur was on time and very professional.  I've had lots of massages in the past, but this was the first time that I felt so completely relaxed and satisfied by a massage. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Minneapolis." Barbara: Age 39

"If you are looking for the perfect escape away from the stresses of everyday life, this is for you. I've had countless massages, some great, some not so great. The Ultimate package was just freak'n awesome!
My masseur was terrific; warm, welcoming and fun to talk with as well. He took the time to find out what I like, what I don't. He offered ideas about how to make the massage more relaxing. His touch was very nice, not too heavy, not too light. I have never been pampered and cared for like this!  Ladies, treat yourself to this wonderful, sensual won't regret it."   Anne: Age 41

"I felt really comfortable and was relaxed for several days after my appointment!  My therapist was gentle yet firm with his touch.   I loved my body scrub and Therapeutic massage.
I am planning a Girl's Day with two friends and I am going to try Lomilomi massage next time for sure!"  Debbie: Age 34

"Every woman should experience the Lomilomi massage.
 My massage was truly mind-blowing!! I never expected to feel so completely and thoroughly attended to during my massage. My masseur made sure that everything was perfect, and all-in-all I couldn't have asked for more.  I will definitely be using Mobile Spa services on a regular basis, and for any women who are curious or feeling a bit hesitant, I recommend putting your inhibitions aside and just make an appointment because you won't be disappointed!"  They are complete professionals from the booking staff to the therapist. Truely an awesome experience.
Alisha: Age 29

"WOW! I loved the spa experience my therapist provided for me at home.
My therapist was great, and he was very polite and caring. I would not have changed anything and I look forward to my next massage." Nancy: Age 45

"I had contacted a couple of other massage places, but Mobile Spa services caught my eye.  I was able to setup a Girl's Day for 2 for my best friend Mandy and I.  We both loved our treatments.  Mandy and I both got the Lomilomi massage, and it was just awesome.  Our sessions made our day and I for one am certainly looking forward to another sensual massage soon."  Jessica: Age 36

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